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CRP training Chairman

Martha Bennett, CRP Training Chairman, Arizona Relocation Alliance (ARA)

 Phone 602.617.4645
 Email bornsmart@cox.net
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 Affiliations Arizona Relocation Alliance, Worldwide ERC

 What industry experts are saying about Martha's training . . .

"Looking to get your CRP? There is no better way to prepare than by taking Martha Bennett’s CRP Session Training sponsored by the Arizona Relocation Alliance. The course is comprehensive and will prepare you for all areas of the exam. If you can get through Martha’s course, you can pass the exam!"

~ Steven M. John, President of HomeServices Relocation

Martha is the president of Bennett & Associates. She consults with the ARA as our CRP Training Chairman.

Martha's provided instruction on the CRP exam to global mobility professionals for over 20 years. It was her experience of studying and testing that inspired her to create the comprehensive program you will use to prepare for the exam. She attained her CRP in 1999.

She's been involved in the global mobility industry for 30+ years. Her training programs for relocation professionals span across Arizona and throughout the United States. 

Martha's held relocation training positions for Prudential Real Estate and Relocation and CitiCapital Relocation. In each successive position throughout her career, she's received awards for stellar service. These accolades include Prudential's Chairman's Circle Award, CitiCapital Raving Fans Award and a customer service award from the U.S. Department of Treasury.

She holds a Master of Science degree from Texas Women's University. Martha lives in sunny Arizona.

Feel free to reach out to her and learn more about taking the certification exam.


P.O. Box 41471

Phoenix, AZ  85085-1471

Email: info@aratoday.org