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2018 CRP Annual Survey Closed

On behalf of ARA, THANK YOU for participating in our annual CRP Training Program. For those who provided feedback to our survey, thank you again. Your valuable input helps us improve the program for future participants.

Martha Bennett
Training Director, ARA Board of Directors


Providing an inside track to global mobility

Non-Solicitation Policy 

Plus the valuable content and professional development ARA provides meetings and events — you also will experience beneficial networking. In light of everyone's professional goals, we developed this Non-Solicitation Policy. It's our way to ensure all those involved in our organization respects each other's privacy and time. We endeavor to create an inviting atmosphere for everyone.

Policy Purpose: Provide guidelines that foster a positive networking environment for relocation and mobility professionals, and our resource partners and corporate members.

  1. Members and guests shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at ARA meetings and events.
  2. Unauthorized solicitation of any member, non-member or invited guest is strictly prohibited and enforced.
  3. Mass solicitation and/or solicitation during meetings and events is prohibited unless authorized and paid for in advance to to ARA through a representative of the Board of Directors.
  4. Should a violation of this Policy occur, ARA reserves the right to prohibit meeting attendance and/or revoke the membership of the person violating this Policy.
    • Example of Authorized Solicitation
      Members and non-members are provided the opportunity to sponsor meetings and events. Sponsors may display product literature and samples in a designated area. Sponsors may solicit individuals who approach them and inquire about their products or services. When business cards are exchanged, it must be done on voluntarily and in a professional manner. Members and non-members are not be allowed to solicit members in any other way during meetings and/or events.

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