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Providing an inside track to global mobility


Arizona Relocation Alliance (ARA) has many ways our members give to local communities. We work closely with charities and other ARA members to assist those in need.

ARA is a proud supporter of the U.S. Military and their families. The slideshow is a Room Dedication at US Vets Transitional Housing unit. We support various local and national charities.

Current fund raising methods:

  • Attend at a charity only event
  • Donate online through our website
  • Purchase raffle tickets or make a donation at ARA meetings

Know a fun way to raise funds for a worthy cause?  Want to get involved in outreach?

Contact me . . .

  • Kerri Amman - Director of Community Service
  • 720.857.1068
  • Kerri.amman@graebel.com

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