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ARA Zoom Yoga with Kelly

  • 29 Jul 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Zoom Link - Register Today

Join Kelly Hilcove, BSN, RN, HNB-BC for a FREE 1 hour Zoom Virtual Yoga Session!

It’s been a bit of a crazy ride the last few months and we thought everyone could use an energy boost. We hope you can join us to bring a little more peace and balance  into your day. 

Kelly is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Certified Yoga Teacher, Functional Health Practitioner and Founder of Relaxed and Balanced, LLC.

Empowering people's lives in a meaningful way is Kelly’s joy and passion. She works with clients through her Relaxed and BalancedTM online programs, individual consultations, retreats, and workshops. She is gifted with meeting people where they’re at and helping them to live a happier, healthy life. She has been a practicing bedside nurse since 2005, and a certified yoga instructor since 2008.

Kelly will be focusing on the importance of taking care of our bodies by doing things like mindful yoga, so we can build resilience from within, creating a calm peaceful internal environment.  Because of all the uncertainty we are experiencing in our external environment right now, if we don’t make an effort to keep our center within us we can be tossed about just like a ship in the ocean without an anchor to keep it steady amidst the rough seas. Kelly looks forward to guiding us to connect with the beautiful energy within ourselves and feel more peace and serenity inside.

Click on this link to Register:

ARA Zoom Yoga with Kelly

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More information and online registration: ARA Zoom Yoga

We hope you are able to join us!

Best regards,
Arizona Relocation Alliance


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